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Pokémon GO Download Apk + Mod version for android: Everything you’ve ever wanted in a Pokemon game is now available to access. Region? Your very own Pokemon region resides in the real world. And Pokemon have appeared in various locations. Moreover, they’re all waiting to be discovered by you.

Download Pokemon Go APK for Android devices, fast and free! That is, if you wish to join in on this magical journey.

Catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go

First, as a Pokemon game, catching Pokemon is the most important mechanic of the game. And boy, there are a lot of Pokemon just waiting around in Pokemon Go.

Take your first few steps into the outside world. A wild Pokemon may appear before you. This is your chance! Throw a Pokeball to capture the wild Pokemon.

No, it appeared to be caught, but not quite. Throw some berries to make the Pokemon less aggressive or easier to catch and try again! Once caught, you’ll have the Pokemon’s information updated to your encyclopedia, the Pokedex.

Choose a Team:

Soon, you may join a special team in Pokemon Go, once you become more of a seasoned trainer. There are three teams each with their own beliefs in Pokemon:

  • Team Valor believe in the inner strength of Pokemon, their logo is represented by the red Moltres. These tough trainer love to train vigorously to bring out the absolute best in their Pokemon.
  • Team Mystic don the blue Articuno symbol. They see the hidden potential of Pokemon. In addition, Team Mystic steadily train their minds and formulate absolute strategies to claim victory.
  • Last, but not least, Team Instinct believe in the luck of battle. Relying on their instincts and the flow of the battle to achieve victory.

Pokemon Go Gyms:

Next, the core of any good Pokemon game would be the gyms, right? You enter these facilities, battle your way to the leader and, once defeated, claim a badge of recognition. Gyms make a return in Pokemon Go. However, things are a little different from the traditional gym battles you’re used to.

Rather, gyms are plentiful and scattered amongst various important locations. Head to your town’s most renowned monuments to find a gym. The gym will be one of four different colors, depending on whether it’s claimed or not. Furthermore, each color represents the corresponding team of the same color; white being an unclaimed gym.

Here, you have one of three options, contingent of the gym’s color:

  • If white, the gym is unclaimed. You can leave a select Pokemon behind to claim and defend the gym. Afterwards, the gym’s color will change to match the color of your special team. Other players of the same team may also add Pokemon to join in the fun. However, a total of six can be added to a gym, at one time.
  • If the color matches your team, a teammate has already claimed this gym. In fact, you have the same option previously mentioned for a white gym. Leave behind one of your own Pokemon to take charge and guard the gym. However, teamwork should be taken to consideration. You can feed any defending Pokemon berries to recover their health and keep them in tip-top shape.
  • If the gym is an opposing team’s color, prepare for battle! Defeat all defending Pokemon by formulating a team of six. Ultimately, claim the gym for you and your teammates.

Pokemon Go Raids:

Just you wait. Pokemon Gyms serve a second function, aside from hosting gym battles. Likewise, during specific hours, a special phenomenon may occur, where rare Pokemon will appear in gyms. In fact, you have the chance to defeat and capture these Pokemon for yourself. This is known as a Raid Battle.

Additionally, legendary Pokemon will often appear in these raid locations. This is the perfect opportunity to add some serious power to you Pokemon party.

Now, the main points have been covered, it’s time to jump into the Pokemon world. Where here, you’ll meet many new Pokemon and friends, all alike. Professor Willow will await in his lab to greet you.

Game Title : Pokémon GO
Version  : 0.165.1
Category : Adventure
MOD Added Date : 2019-12-20

Mod Features:

Since this actioned packed sport is too costly to buy items, downloading mod apk will be the perfect solution. So get it from our website (apkdry.com) with the following things.

  1. Unlimited Gems.
  2. Infinite Money/Coins.
  3. All Strings Unlocked.
  4. Pokémon GO Pro version.

Whats new?

– Feed your buddy treats, and it can join you on your map view!
– Experience how your buddy plays with you in AR+!
– Learn how your buddy is feeling!
– Unlock Perks as you increase your Buddy Level!

Download Pokémon GO (MOD, Unlimited Coins) + APK for android

Download Size : 61MB | Requirements : Android 5.0+

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